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iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company's mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch; it also powered the iPad until the introduction of iPadOS, a derivative of iOS, in 2019.

IOS has delivery issues, customer service is terrible and customers are treated badly, Hendrick shared a review at

"I sent my iPhone to be repaired with full Guaranty, And they sent to the wrong address and I expended not less than 3 hours on the phone. They are helpless. They really don’t care at all. Still waiting. It’s been almost 3 weeks for a simple repair when I paid $299. Per insurance, I had the WORST EXPERIENCE AT APPLE CUSTOMER SERVICES AND BEEN TREATED VERY BAD."


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介護福祉 (Current Employee) says


Developer (Former Employee) says

"typical working hours"

Inbound Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"for starters, they don't tell you that the job is 12$ an hour and that you have to earn the 4 other dollars as a bonus in the job description. it says salary up to 17$ which is a lie. you have 1$ bonus if you are working full-time and the 3 others $ are obtain depending on the customer's surveys % you get - whom are never happy - so you basically never receive your 3$ bonus. you are allowed 5 min late in the MONTH if reached you do not receive your bonuses even if you worked full-time or if you had a good survey %. you receive about 50 calls per day. the hardest part of the job is to put up with very rude customers. the workplace culture is inexistent. they only care about your stats. they do not care about their employees and if you find yourself in a low period and your stats are not excellent they will fire you. not to mention that half of the computers don't work so even if you are on time you might be late due to computer issues. they say there is no pressure to sell products but there is. Cons: short lunch break, quality of the material, general ambiance/culture, depressing place"

Technical Advisor, Transcom NA (Current Employee) says

"This job is not what you think. They dont have paid time off, the training is not organized. The managers are not on the same page."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"its sales over the phone."

EMI Operator/Level ll pipe inspector (Current Employee) says

"Not enough employees to do jobs at a reasonable time. Helpers are inexperienced & lazy. Cannot keep safety equipment (gloves. safety glasses; ear plugs) & everyday supplies needed in cleaning & inspecting in stock. Upper management doing a poor job of managing company. Everybody under paid except for upper management"

senior machine operator (Former Employee) says

"worked at ios manchester for 12 years solid employment in which i learned several skills in which i developed within the company.unfortunately was made redundant from my work place as it was shut down.i ran several machines,including xerox a good team worker as i was working with 500 ex employees.working 12 hrs a day up to the point of working nights,which i didnt enjoy as body clock was always messed up. Cons: long hours, bad management, waste of materials"

Suporte técnico avançado em sistemas IOS (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente agradável para trabalhar Cons: vale -refeição abaixo do mercado"

Lead Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Nobody above local management cares about employees in the least. I managed all operations in OH and I left because the company started doing things I believed to be ethically questionable."

Customer Service/Sales (Former Employee) says

"This was a call center where consumers would call to arrange a party at a restaurant. It was a good job. I used a phone and a computer to do this job."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"worked with customers over the phone for Fido,"

Pipe Inspector (Current Employee) says

"The company is a decent place to work for besides all the drama and favoritism. The typical day at work consumes alot of steady pace work-out. The management needs alot of work and needs to be trained on how to run a company. Cons: drama, bad management, favoritism, other co-works not trustworthy"

Conseillère et agent à la clientèle (Current Employee) says

"Pendant une journée de travail, la mission c'est d'écouter attentivement le client afin de résoudre son problème et de détecter ses besoins secondaires. On apprend à écouter le client sans le laisser mener la conversation car c'est nous les professionnels. Il y a une très bonne ambiance entre les collaborateurs, mais au niveau des clients on en trouve tout type et ils faut pouvoir s'adapter .Peut importe le tempérament du client, il faut rester patiente sans se laisser frustrer. La priorité étant la satisfaction du client, le plus dur c'est de satisfaire un client qui ne veut pas vous écouter."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"i feel like this was a frat boy atmosphere where only management benefited from it. and not customer service friendly. Was a scheme to make money"

Marketing Communications Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Hours of sitting at a time on the phone. Learned quite a bit about servers and technology in general. Management styles varied, but overall tough to work with. Co-workers were great and understanding and love working with them. The hardest part of the job was finding the strength to call people, knowing you would get a negative reaction around 80% of the time. The most enjoyable part of the job was the camaraderie among the MCS's. Cons: Different rules for different people, not all had to follow the same protocols. High turnover."

Developer (Current Employee) says

"There is too much stress and pressure of delivering product on time but you would find yourself blocked most of the time due to things out of your control. Hence, project delays and you feel demotivated. Cons: No performance reviews, No career development, no salary increment and bonus, etc"

Saw Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good company, management and benefits, Since JCI was purchased by IOS, salary increases are small to none. Cons: Hard to get pay increase"

Executive Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"small teams, you get a select few friends but like an office job you live for the weekend, its a pretty lx working environment as long as you get your job done"

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Working here is not for the faint of heart. you will have customers yelling and cursing at you everyday. It is a very stressful job that will always have you leaving work in a foul mood. Cons: very negative work"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"did not assign shifts in proper manor . understaffed at times due to this . bad work ethics . employees showing up late was ok if staff member was favored Cons: bad work enviroment"

@PatrickR2020 says

"wow! an os that does less yet costs fucking hundreds more? fuck apple, kill yourself if you say ios is better than literally fucking anything. even hitler. fuck apple. fuck it so bad. FUCK APPLE!!!!!"

Mike May says

"IOS IS totally a self centered company. Do not waste your time with these liars. They will take ur money and give no services. These people are a bunch of crooks.To me they should be rated ZERO!"

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